Reading and Writing Literary Genres

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International Reading Association, 2000 - Всего страниц: 200
This book presents an interactive model using quality children's literature as the foundation for teaching reading and writing in grades 3 through 6, based on the premise that reading and writing are complementary processes through the shared goal of constructing meaning. Four main genres (fiction, traditional literature, fantasy, and non-fiction) are divided into seven chapters: "Teaching Realistic Fiction"; "Teaching Mysteries"; "Teaching Traditional Folktales"; "Teaching Pourquoi Stories and Fables"; "Teaching Modern Folktales"; "Teaching Fantasy"; and "Teaching Biographies." Each chapter has three main sections: (1) Background Information for Teachers; (2) Teaching the Genre; and (3) Extensions. These sections provide genre information, suggest teaching strategies, and list possible student reading and writing activities. (Contains approximately 220 references and descriptions of 18 children's literature Web sites.) (EF)

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