Rainy Day Poems and More

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - Всего страниц: 68

Soft, airy imagery and nature's beauty permeate the collection of soulful works found in Rainy Day Poems and More: Angel Inspirations (now available through AuthorHouse), the debut book from Nicole DiDomenico Angelwriter.

From the first page of Rainy Day Poems and More, readers catch on to the sense of wonder that DiDomenico makes contagious as she shares her sheer amazement at living. The comfort of a spirit guide on a lonely night, the peaceful presence of a gentle breeze and the fulfilling companionship of a kindred soul are just a few of the experiences she shares through her heartfelt poetry and prose.

"I would like people to open their mind as well as their eyes," DiDomenico writes. "Think of things from another point of view. Try and use the What Ifs' of life! Even though our eyes see the same, our hearts' interpretations are different."

With this in mind, readers are free to take each vivid slice of life she presents and make it their own. She invites them to take a word from her works "love" for instance reflect on its meaning, apply it to their lives and create their own interactive experience with her poetry.

In addition to numerous poems that eloquently portray DiDomenico's thoughts and feelings, she includes a short story, "Peace, Love and Light." This powerful piece came to her when three doves landed at her feet while she visited a Buddhist monastery. She completed the story in 10 minutes when she returned home.

Rainy Poems and More radiates this same energy and emotion throughout. With grace and artistic prowess, DiDomenico touches the hearts and souls of readers as they enjoy her joy of life through language.

DiDomenico has enjoyed writing since she was a child. Throughout her life, she has filled numerous journals, and the tragic events of Sept. 11, which she witnessed from her office window in

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