Putting Metaclasses to Work: A New Dimension in Object-oriented Programming

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Addison-Wesley, 1999 - Всего страниц: 300
This book is written to help the working programmer unleash the potential power of metaclasses. Metaclasses offer great promise to the world of object-oriented programming because their implementation can result in greater software reuse. The authors present a specific instruction set for programming metaclasses, complete with illustrations and examples. This instruction set is used to place metaclasses into the greater context of object-oriented programming.

Metaclasses are powerful, potentially complex, and somewhat controversial. Some experienced programmers decry their use, yet many others recognize their value and promote them as an important concept that will improve the quality of software production while reducing costs. This book illustrates the difficult concepts, demonstrates proven application techniques, and enables programmers to put metaclasses to work. The debate over this technology is sure to heat up, and this book is the first to describe how metaclasses can be used in a practical setting.

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The Elements of Reflective ClassBased Models
Inheritance of Metaclass Constraints
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Ira R. Forman works for IBM in Austin, Texas. As a past member of IBM's Object Technology Products Group, he worked on the SOM Metaclass Framework. Forman's specialties are object-oriented programming, object composition, and distributed programming.

Scott H. Danforth works for Secant Technologies, Inc. As a past member of IBM's Object Technology Products Group, he originated the derived metaclass and metaclass cooperation concepts discussed in this book. His professional interests include development and practical application of object-oriented technology.


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