Kim Jong-Il: North Korea's Dear Leader

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Wiley, 29 янв. 2004 г. - Всего страниц: 228
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Kim Jong-il has been the subject of intense interest and fear in recent months. He has been demonised as 'Dr Evil' for his nuclear programme which puts Korea on a collision course with the US. For this reason, the world has a stake in understanding this man and his little-known country. This account aims to tell the compelling story of Kim Jong-il and the country he leads, exploring the pressing question of how he manages to hold onto power in a country that is ravaged by famine and poverty. Unravelling the myths, mysteries, and fallacies that surround this small, desperate country, this fascinating story includes rare photos of Kim Jong-il and his brutal regime.

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Michael Breen is a writer and communications consultant based in Seoul. He first went to South Korea as a journalist. He covered both North and South Korea for several newspapers before giving up journalism to pursue a fascination with North Korea. He became a  management consultant advising companies on dealing with the communist state.

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