J, the Natural Language for Analytic Computing

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Research Studies Press, 2001 - Всего страниц: 277
J is a computer language which first emerged in about 1990, and which is remarkable for the way in which it allows technical instructions for computing to be expressed with great conciseness using constructs and syntax which closely mirror those of natural language. The software concerned is available for free download, thereby giving both professionals and general users access to all the facilities of the language. J is also a fully integrated computing systems with development environment, library utilities and interfaces to a full range of mainstream computing applications such as graphics and data-bases. With J, which only uses the symbols available on every keyboard, a much closer bridge has been constructed between computer and human language than ever before. It should be of interest to those involved in programming and system development in the acturial side of the Finance, Pensions and Life Assurance industries.

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and then nouns
Extensions to verbs and adverbs
Basic conjunctions and composition
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