Israel in Exile: The History and Literature of the Sixth Century B.C.E.

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Society of Biblical Lit, 2003 - Всего страниц: 461
The period of Israel's Babylonian exile is one of the most enthralling eras of biblical history. During this time Israel went through its deepest crisis, and the foundation was laid for its most profound renewal. The crisis provoked the creation of a wealth of literary works such as laments, prophetic books, and historical works, all of which Albertz analyzes in detail through the methods of social history, composition criticism, and redaction criticism. In addition, Albertz draws on extrabiblical and archaeological evidence to illuminate the historical and social changes that affected the various exilic groups. Thirty-five years after Peter Ackroyd's classic Exile and Restoration, Albertz offers a new generation of biblical scholars and students an equally important appraisal of recent scholarship on this period as well as his own innovative and insightful proposals about the social and literary developments that took place and the theological contribution that was made. Includes chronological table, map of the ancient Near East, and passage index. - Publisher.

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The History of the Exilic Era
The Literature of the Exilic Period
Primary Sources Index

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