Into the Wardrobe: C. S. Lewis and the Narnia Chronicles

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John Wiley & Sons, 15 июн. 2007 г. - Всего страниц: 256
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Published in the early 1950s, C. S. Lewis's seven Chronicles ofNarnia were proclaimed instant children's classics and havebeen hailed in The Oxford Companion to Children's Literatureas "the most sustained achievement in fantasy for children by a20th-century author." But how could Lewis (a formidable critic,scholar, and Christian apologist)conjure up the kind of adventuresin which generations of children (and adults) take such delight? Inthis engaging and insightful book, C. S. Lewis expert David C.Downing invites readers to join his vivid exploration of theChronicles of Narnia, offering a detailed look at theenchanting stories themselves and also focusing on theextraordinary intellect and imagination of the man behind theWardrobe.

Downing presents each Narnia book as its own little wardrobe -each tale an opportunity to discover a visionary world of bustlingvitality, sparkling beauty, and spiritual clarity. And Downing'sexamination of C. S. Lewis's personal life shows how the content ofthese classic children's books reflects Lewis's love of wonder andstory, his affection for animals and homespun things, his shrewdobservations about human nature, along with his vast reading,robust humor, theological speculations, medieval scholarship, andarcane linguistic jokes. A fun glossary of odd and invented wordswill allow readers to speak with Narnian flair, regaling friendsand family with unusual words like cantrips, poltoonery, hastilude,and skirling. A masterful work that will appeal to both new andseasoned fans of Narnia, Into the Wardrobe offers a journeybeyond Narnia's deceptively simple surface and into its richlytextured and unexpected depths.


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Into the wardrobe: C. S. Lewis and the Narnia chronicles

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Downing, a well-known Lewis scholar who previously explored Lewis's conversion to Christianity in The Most Reluctant Convert, here examines the origins of "The Chronicles," the series' spiritual and ... Читать весь отзыв


Chapter One The Life of CS Lewis
Chapter Two The Genesis of Narnia
Chapter Three The Spiritual Vision of the Narnia Chronicles
Chapter Four Moral Psychology
Chapter Five Classical and Medieval Elements
Chapter Six Whats in a Narnian Name?
Chapter Seven Lewiss Literary Artistry
Appendix Definitions Allusions and Textual Notes
The Author
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David C. Downing is a leading C. S. Lewis expert, award-winningauthor, and professor of English at Elizabethtown College inLancaster County, Pennsylvania. His articles about Lewis haveappeared in such publications as Christianity Today, Christianityand Literature, Books & Culture, Christian Scholars Review, andnumerous other journals. His books include Planets in Peril, aboutthe Space Trilogy; The Most Reluctant Convert, a biography of Lewisthat was named one of the Top Ten Religion Books of the Year by theAmerican Library Association; and Into the Region of Awe, a studyof the mystical elements in Lewis's life and writings.

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