Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War

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HarperPerennial, 1991 - Всего страниц: 849
From the front inside cover: Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War is the most complete one-volume reference on the Civil War ever produced. More than 2,000 entries ranging in length from a few lines to several pages and arranged alphabetically-from "abatis" and "abolition" to "Zollicoffer" and "Zouave"--Cover every important aspect and individual of that momentous conflict. Military events, campaigns, and battles are thoroughly presented; but so, too are political, economic, and social developments that occurred during the war. Particularly useful is the system of cross-reference that indicated in each essay those names and terms which have their own entries.

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How many chips can you cover with one bottle of hot sauce? There are several competing Civil War references available, and they can be very different. This one probably competes most directly with ... Читать весь отзыв

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