Hacking and Securing IOS Applications

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"O'Reilly Media, Inc.", 2012 - Всего страниц: 336
Based on unique and previously undocumented research, this book by noted iOS expert Jonathan Zdziarski shows the numerous weaknesses that exist in typical iPhone and iPad apps. Zdziarski shows finance companies, large institutions and others where the exploitable flaws lie in their code, and in this book he will show you as well, in a clear, direct, and immediately applicable style. More importantly, this book will teach the reader how to write more secure code to make breaching your applications more difficult. Topics cover manipulating the Objective-C runtime, debugger abuse, hijacking network traffic, implementing encryption, geo-encryption, PKI without depending on certificate authorities, how to detect and prevent debugging, infection testing and class validation, jailbreak detection, and much more. Hacking and Securing iOS Applications teaches corporate developers and penetration testers exactly how to break into the latest versions of Apple's iOS operating system, attack applications, and exploit vulnerabilities, so that they can write more secure applications with what they've learned. With the App Store reaching over a half-million applications, tools that work with personal or confidential data are becoming increasingly popular. Developers will greatly benefit from Jonathan's book by learning about all of the weaknesses of iOS and the Objective-C environment. Whether you're developing credit card payment processing applications, banking applications, or any other kind of software that works with confidential data, Hacking and Securing iOS Applications is a must-read for those who take secure programming seriously

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Chapter 1 Everything You Know Is Wrong
Part I Hacking
Part II Securing
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Jonathan Zdziarski is better known as the hacker "NerveGas" in the iOSdevelopment community. His work in cracking the iPhone helped lead theeffort to port the first open source applications to it, and his bookiPhone Open Application Development taught developers how to writeapplications for the popular device long before Apple introduced itsown SDK. Jonathan is also the author of many other books, includingiPhone SDK Application Development and iPhone Forensics. Jonathanpresently supports over 2,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide anddistributes a suite of iOS forensic imaging tools to obtain evidencefrom iOS devices for criminal cases. He frequently consults and trainslaw enforcement agencies and assists forensic examiners in theirinvestigations.

Jonathan is also a full-time Sr. Forensic Scientist, where, amongother things, he performs penetration testing of iOS applications forcorporate clients.

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