Evaluation: A Systematic Approach

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SAGE Publications, 3 февр. 1993 г. - Всего страниц: 488
The Fifth Edition of this bestselling book has been thoughtfully revised to make it the most useful and comprehensive resource in evaluation research today. New to this edition is: more coverage on meta-analysis, particularly in regard to its use in design and modification of programme intervention; revised and expanded coverage on programme monitoring and management; new chapters on quasi-experimental impact assessments; assessment of full-coverage programmes including a comparison of the differences in these procedures; and more examples and boxed exhibits of local and state evaluations.

The effective organization of the Fourth Edition has been retained, mirroring the way evaluation is practised - fro

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Programs Policies and Evaluations
Program Monitoring for Evaluation and Management 163 4 Program Monitoring for Evaluation and Management
Diagnostic Procedures
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