Embedded Systems Design

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Elsevier, 30 окт. 2002 г. - Всего страниц: 430
In this new edition the latest ARM processors and other hardware developments are fully covered along with new sections on Embedded Linux and the new freeware operating system eCOS. The hot topic of embedded systems and the internet is also introduced. In addition a fascinating new case study explores how embedded systems can be developed and experimented with using nothing more than a standard PC.

* A practical introduction to the hottest topic in modern electronics design
* Covers hardware, interfacing and programming in one book
* New material on Embedded Linux for embedded internet systems

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Chapter 2 Embedded processors
Chapter 3 Memory systems
Chapter 4 Basic peripherals
Chapter 5 Interfacing to the analogue world
Chapter 6 Interrupts and exceptions
Chapter 7 Realtime operating systems
Chapter 8 Writing software for embedded systems
Chapter 9 Emulation and debugging techniques
Chapter 10 Buffering and other data structures
Chapter 11 Memory and performance tradeoffs
Chapter 12 Software examples
Chapter 13 Design examples
Chapter 14 Realtime without a RTOS
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Стр. 33 - ... LOOPNE/ LOOPNZ Loop if not equal/not zero JCXZ JUMP if register CX = 0 INTERRUPTS INT Interrupt INTO Interrupt if overflow IRET Return from Interrupt/Task CLI Clear interrupt Enable STI Set Interrupt Enable BOUND Check Array Bounds ENTER Setup Parameter Block for Entering Procedure LEAVE Leave Procedure SGDT Store Global Descriptor Table SIDT Store Interrupt Descriptor Table STR Store Task Register SLOT Store Local Descriptor Table LGDT Load Global Descriptor Table LIDT Load Interrupt Descriptor...
Стр. 28 - Code segment CS Data segment DS Stack segment SS Extra segment ES...
Стр. 32 - Array bounds check BOUND 6 Invalid opcode 7 Device not available 8 Double fault 9 Coprocessor segment overrun 10 Invalid TSS 1 1 Segment not present 12 Stack fault 13 General protection fault 14 Page fault 1 5 Reserved...
Стр. 29 - Vector Function 0 Divide error 1 Debug exception 2 Non-masked interrupt NMI 3 One byte interrupt INT 4 Interrupt on overflow INTO...

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Senior Staff Engineer, European Strategy and Technology Development, Motorola Semiconductors, Steve Heath has written 15 books on topics covering Apple and IBM PCs, processor architectures, UNIX and Windows NT operating systems.

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