Dope, Inc: Britain's Opium War Against the World

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Executive Intelligence Review (Firm)
Progressive Press, 2010 - Всего страниц: 320
The Opium Wars of 1840-1860 were dark chapters of history. Britain went to war to force China to import thousands of tons of opium, to cripple and impoverish that nation.The Opium Wars never really ended. The U.S., like China, was too great for the London money lords to occupy by force. One way America is being brought to heel is by the drug trade.Crime and other social problems in the U.S. and Mexico are massively influenced by drugs and drug dealing.Illicit drugs may now account for as much as $1 trillion annually in financing for criminal activity and corruption.TOPICS: The East India Company; British role in the drug trade, from the wars on China, the HongShanghai Bank, Bronfmans, Prohibition, and Organized Crime in the U.S. Financial derivatives; Wall St., money laundering; medical marijuana. decriminalization; Soros and IMF links to drugs. Afghan opium; Colombian cartel; terrorism. Russia targeted by Dope, Inc. Cocaine, heroin, amphetamines.

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