Directing The Agile Organisation: A lean approach to business management

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IT Governance Ltd, 27 июн. 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 275


  • Chapter 1 looks at your role as a manager. How will your responsibilities change under Agile Business Management? What techniques can you use to manage your staff?
  • Chapter 2 discusses your organisation’s relationship and interaction with its customers. What are their needs and goals, and how can you work together to achieve them?
  • Chapter 3 provides the organisational context in which Agile Business Management operates. It discusses lean management structures and the techniques to manage different types of staff, teams and organisations.
  • Chapter 4 looks at how you and your team work the “agile way” and describes tools and techniques to help optimise workflow, exploit change and manage customer requirements.

The book closes with a look at associated financial models that support your Agile organisation, the processes you can use to run an Agile Business Management transformation, and the first steps to take towards that transformation.


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You the Agile Manager
Integrated Customer Engagement
The Structure of an Agile Organisation
Work the Agile Way
The Agile Budget
Reflection Retrospectives and Kaizen
The Shape of Things to Come
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Evan Leybourn is a speaker, coach and leader in the field of Agile Business Management. He has held executive, board and advisory positions in private industry and government, and has worked with clients developing lean business practices across Australia, South East Asia, Europe and America. He also runs professional development courses for clients and has spoken at several industry conferences on Agile Business Management, corporate governance and business intelligence.

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