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C. Rümpler, 1856 - Всего страниц: 274

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Стр. 199 - There oft is heard, at midnight, or at noon, Beginning faint, but rising still more loud, And nearer, voice of hunters, and of hounds, And horns, hoarse-winded, blowing far and keen : — Forthwith the hubbub multiplies ; the gale Labours with wilder shrieks, and rifer din Of hot pursuit ; the broken cry of deer Mangled by throttling dogs ; the shouts of men, And hoofs, thick beating on the hollow hill.
Стр. xvii - EARLY TRAVELS IN PALESTINE, Comprising the Narratives of Arculf, Willibald, Bernard, Saewulf, Sigurd, Benjamin of Tudela, Sir John Maundeville, De la Brocquiere, and Maundrell ; all unabridged.
Стр. 160 - ... shunning all society. It is said, that, on their being first seized with this complaint, they tear their hair, and rings from their ears, with such force as to break the lobe. It is supposed to be occasioned by a medicine applied to the forehead : but I endeavoured to procure some of the medicine thus used, without effect : I imagine it rather to be created by frequent intoxications, as the malady goes off in the course of a week or a fortnight...
Стр. 10 - Ab insequente ministro per montis ardua praecipitiaque quaesitus nec inventus, timore pedissequo succrescente, circa montis opaca perquiritur. Quid plura? arctissima semita sed plana est inventa; puer in spatiosissimam planitiem jucundam omnibusque deliciis plenam venit, ibique in palatio miro opere constructo reperit Arturum in strato regii apparatus recubantem. Cumque ab advena et peregrino causam sui adventus percontaretur, agnita causa itineris, statim palafridum episcopi facit adduci, ipsumque...
Стр. 199 - The mountain's height, and all the ridges round, Yet not one trace of living wight discerns, Nor knows, o'erawed, and trembling as he stands, To what, or whom, he owes his idle fear, To ghost, to witch, to fairy, or to fiend; But wonders, and no end of wondering finds.
Стр. 62 - ... quam imprudenter se quoque bestiam profitetur. Et statim jumento interfecto, et frustatim in aqua decocto, in eadem aqua balneum ei paratur. Cui insidens, de carnibus illis sibi allatis, circumstante populo suo et convescente, comedit ipse.
Стр. 190 - On the morning of this day, called Ganging-day, a great number of young men assemble in the fields, when a very active fellow is nominated the leader. This person they are bound to follow, who, for the sake of diversion, generally chooses the route through ponds ditches, and places of difficult passage. Every person they meet is bumped, male or female ; which is performed by two other persons taking them up by their arms, and swinging them against each other. The women in general keep at home at...
Стр. 134 - It is a curious fact that this story, in almost all its parts, is current in both the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, with no other variation than the substitution of Fairies for Dracse, and the cavern of a hill for that of a river.
Стр. xviii - Wagener Essai sur les rapports qui existent entre les apologues de l'Inde et les apologues de la Grèce p.
Стр. 168 - Young Keeldar call'd his hunter train ; — " For doubtful cheer prepare ! 1 Castles, remarkable for size, strength, and antiquity, are, by the common people, commonly attributed to the Picts, or Pechs, who are not supposed to have trusted solely to their skill in masonry, in constructing these edifices, but are believed to have bathed the foundation-stone with human blood, in order to propitiate the spirit of the soil. Similar to this is the Gaelic tradition, according to which St. Columba is supposed...

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