Can Ethics be Taught?: Perspectives, Challenges, and Approaches at Harvard Business School

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Thomas R. Piper, Mary C. Gentile, Sharon Daloz Parks
Harvard Business School, 1993 - Всего страниц: 178
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This book traces the evolution, strategy, and implementation of the pathbreaking Leadership, Ethics, and Corporate Responsibility program at the Harvard Business School. It describes in detail the origins of the initiative for this program, the sophisticated research that went into the approach, timing, and appropriate interventions for working with students and faculty, as well as the design of the program strategy itself. The accomplishments of this program have been substantial: a required course has been introduced into the curriculum; four new electives have been added; course heads have begun to integrate issues of ethics and corporate responsibility into the First Year curriculum; and a large percentage of students have enriched the life of the community, and their own lives, through public service.

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