Anglo-Saxons: Studies Presented to Cyril Roy Hart

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Simon Keynes, Alfred P. Smyth
Four Courts Press, 2006 - Всего страниц: 317
The contributors to this book include such masters of their disciplines as Janet Bately, the authority on the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and Old English Literature, and Peter Sawyer, the doyen of Early Medieval Scandinavian Studies, together with a whole sluagh of experts including Audrey Meaney, Janet Nelson, Paul Szarmach and Ann Williams. Anglo-Saxon studies generate their fair share of healthy argument and controversy. This volume provides the latest thinking of established scholars from every area of Anglo-Saxon Studies. Anglo-Saxon literature is dealt with in relation to the OldòEnglish Bede and Ohthereâ??s Report to King Alfred. Ecclesiastical matters are covered in papers on the archbishops of Canterbury, and on Wulfstan of Worcester, as well as in several individual studies of minsters and abbeys. Legal issues are examined in relation to crime and to pagan practices. The Tribal Hidage and Offaâ??s Dyke are dealt with for the early historical period while for the tenth and eleventh centuries, medical texts, land tenure; the role of women, and monetary matters are all covered. The post-Conquest period is represented by studies on the Bayeux Tapestry, Ramsey Abbey and other Fenland monasteries.

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some problems and some
The queen in ninthcentury Wessex
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