An Illustrated History of American Psychology

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University of Akron Press, 1999 - Всего страниц: 222
Originally published in 1994, An Illustrated History of American Psychology describes in words and illustrates with more than 350 pictures many of the highlights of psychology's recent past. The text broadly organizes modern American psychology in three traditional epochs: its founding, its development, and its maturity.

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Pioneer American Laboratories
Systems and Schools of Psychology
The Inception of Intelligence Tests
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For the past thirty-three years, John Popplestone and Marion McPherson have been the professional staff and administrators of the Archives of the History of American Psychology and taught psychology at The University of Akron. Both are fellows of the American Psychology Association's Division of the History of Psychology, and both have served as president of the division. They are also coauthors of Dictionary of Concepts in General Psychology, published by Greenwood.

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