Aces falling: war above the trenches, 1918

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Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2007 - Всего страниц: 386
Strap into an open cockpit and relive the final days of the great aces of World War I! By 1918, the war was nearing its end and the legendary knights of the sky—names like Richthofen, Edward Mannock, Herman Goering, Billy Bishop, among others—were writing its bloody final chapters. Author Peter Hart, the Oral Historian at Britain’s Imperial War Museum, has been granted unprecedented access to the museum’s archives; through these rare manuscripts and firsthand accounts, he provides a riveting perspective on the first true “air war.” From the swirling dogfights to the bombing missions that became ever more deadly, the book reveals the terrible scope of aerial combat and commemorates the men who fought, killed, and died in the clouds above.

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Peter Hart teaches history at the Queen's University of Belfast. He was awarded the Christopher Ewart-Bigges Memorial Prize for The IRA and it's Enemies: Violence and Community in Cork, 1916-1923 (Oxford, 1998).

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