A Companion to Film Noir

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John Wiley & Sons, 27 июн. 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 544
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An authoritative companion that offers a wide-ranging thematicsurvey of this enduringly popular cultural form and includesscholarship from both established and emerging scholars as well asanalysis of film noir's influence on other media includingtelevision and graphic novels.
  • Covers a wealth of new approaches to film noir and neo-noirthat explore issues ranging from conceptualization to cross-mediainfluences
  • Features chapters exploring the wider ‘noirmediascape’ of television, graphic novels and radio
  • Reflects the historical and geographical reach of film noir,from the 1920s to the present and in a variety of nationalcinemas
  • Includes contributions from both established and emergingscholars

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List of Illustrations
The Strange Case of Film Noir
Genre Hybridity Heterogeneity
A Wet Emptiness
Cinephilia and Film Noir
Precursors to Film Noir
Selling Noir
Out of the Shadows
The Ambience of Film Noir
In a Lonely Tone
Acting and Performance in Film Noir
Film Noir and Subiectivity
Women in Film Noir
Ethnicity and Race in American Film Noir

Lured and Pieges
Film Noir and Horror
Crime Fiction and Film Noir
Film Noir American Painting and Photography
The Politics of Film Noir
The Black Typewriter
Film Noir and Studio Production Practices
Film Noir and PostStudio Production Practices
Radio Noir in the
Television Noir
It Rhymes with Lust
Film Noir in Asia
Bombay Noir
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Andrew Spicer is Reader in Cultural History at theUniversity of the West of England, UK. His principal researchinterests lie in film and cultural history, including genre,stardom and constructions of masculinity, British cinema, and therole of producers and screenwriters in film-making. He haspublished widely on all these topics, including Typical Men(2003) and Sydney Box (2006), and three volumes on filmnoir: Film Noir (2002), European Film Noir (2007),and the Historical Dictionary of Film Noir (2010). He iscurrently co-editing a volume about film producers, and writing astudy of Sean Connery.

Helen Hanson is a Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at theUniversity of Exeter, UK. Her research interests cover adaptation,gender and genre, film history, film style and technology, with aparticular focus on the history of Hollywood.  She has writtenarticles and chapters on these topics, and has authoredHollywood Heroines: Film Noir and the Female Gothic Film(2007) and co-edited The Femme Fatale: Images, Histories,Contexts (2010). She also has a forthcoming book on theevolution of sound technology, sound craft and film style inHollywood cinema from 1931–1950.

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