ADbashing: Surviving the Attacks on Advertising : why the Future of Advertising and Media Depend Upon the Changes We Make and the Risks We Take Today

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American Media Council Worldwide Marketing Leadership Panel, 1993 - Всего страниц: 277
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Why the Future of Advertising and Media Depend Upon the Changes We Make and the Risks We Take Today. The insight, ideas, observations and future visions of the advertising, media and marketing business in ADBASHING are essential reading for all advertising and media professionals, business executives, students and educators. Readers will enjoy an insider's eyewitness account of the decline in advertising's role in American life. In ADBASHING, Jack Myers recounts his experiences, successes, and failures and proposes a major overhaul of the marketing, advertising and media businesses to position them for survival into the 21st Century. ADBASHING will change forever the way you look at advertising and media. Jack Myers has had a 25 year career in the advertising and marketing field, the past ten years as a leading industry consultant and President of MYERS REPORTS. Myers Reports' clients include major marketers such as General Motors and AT&T and most major media companies including CBS-TV, Capital Cities/ABC, Time-Warner, Turner Broadcasting System, MTV Networks, Arts and Entertainment, Discovery Networks, Times-Mirror Publishing, K-III Magazines and Interep Radio Store. Myers was recognized as an active proponent of change during his tenure as a senior executive with CBS-TV, ABC Radio and Metromedia, and is recognized internationally as one of a handful of visionaries who will lead the industry into the next millennium. Volume discounts and special library rates available from publisher: American Media Council, 800-551-6937.

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